7 Figure Accelerator Review | Philip Johansen | Ponzi Scheme Exploded

7-Figure Accelerator | Scam Alert | Philip Johansen | Ponzi Scheme Exploded

7-Figure Accelerator | Scam Alert | Philip Johansen | Ponzi Scheme Exploded


In this blog post, I will be reviewing the 7 Figure Accelerator, a product created by Philip Johansen. My aim is to provide an honest assessment of the system and analyze the claims made in the video. It is crucial to note that this review is intended to offer valuable insights and protect readers from potential scams. Let’s delve into the details.


The author of this blog post shares their initial impression of Philip Johansen, mentioning that they followed him on Instagram and admired his work in Ministry of Freedom.

They received notifications about his new product, 7 Figure Accelerator, and decided to review it.

7 Figure Accelerator Product Claims

The video claims that the 7 Figure Accelerator system can help regular people earn $1,000 to $5,000 per day through a unique customer generation technique involving seven-second viral uploads. It also promises free traffic and high referral fees for selling high-ticket digital products.


Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the claims made in the video are misleading and potentially fraudulent. Let’s explore the concerns raised by the author:

  1.  Copyright Violation: The suggested method of obtaining free traffic involves reposting viral videos from TikTok onto Instagram, which is a copyright violation. Engaging in such practices can lead to legal consequences.
  2. Partnership with Experts: The video claims to partner with experts who have expensive products to sell, offering a 50% referral fee. However, it is revealed that the system is designed to sell the same product, rather than partnering with external experts. This raises ethical concerns and resembles a Ponzi scheme.
  3. Pay-to-Play System: To become an affiliate for the Seven Figure Accelerator, individuals must pay $2,500. This pay-to-play system exploits participants and offers no educational value beyond learning how to sell the same product.
  4. Limited Market Potential: The system’s reliance on recruitment and market saturation makes it unsustainable in the long run. The inflated expectations of easy wealth and the lack of external products or services further contribute to its potential downfall.


Based on the analysis, it is evident that the 7 Figure Accelerator system raises multiple red flags. It resembles a Ponzi scheme, relies on copyright violations, and exploits participants through a pay-to-play system.

The promises of high returns and guarantees are misleading, and the system’s sustainability is questionable.  It is advised to avoid investing in such schemes to protect one’s financial well-being and credibility.


This blog post serves as a review and analysis of the 7 Figure Accelerator system. It is important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before investing in any online program or system.

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